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About Us

           Have a property to sell? No matter how complex your real estate needs are the PWRE team of knowledgeable agents is there for you when you need them. We specialize in pricing your home correctly and getting it listed for sale on the Triangle Multiple Listing Service and many other websites for a comprehensive internet marketing exposure. We assist you in all aspects of the selling process including preparing the home for sale and addressing any repair and maintenance issues that arise. Due to managing a large portfolio of rental property and homeowner's associations we have established a vast network of relationships within relevant trades such as: carpentry, general cleaning, power washing, electrical, asphalt, concrete, painting, siding, roofing, landscaping, grading, plumbing, carpeting, flooring, contracting, extermination, tree work, crawl space improvements, legal, and much more. 

            Interested in buying a home or an investment property?  We specialize in finding the perfect opportunities for investors that are looking to buy rental property. We know exactly what type of property rents well and can let you know the expected rent amount before you make an offer. Let us find property that meets your needs and we can seamlessly buy, rent out, and manage that property for you. In the future, when it comes time to exit your investment, Pindell-Wilson Real Estate can sell that property for you. If you are looking to buy a new home for any reason, just give us a call!

            Cannot sell your home or waiting for the market to rebound?  Give our Pindell-Wilson Property Management team a chance to list your property for lease.  As a property management company, we have been serving the Wake County area for decades in the rental business.  Let us take care of the rental issues that may be nagging you and handle all of the landlord duties on your behalf.  Let it be our job to get the property ready, advertise it for lease, screen potential tenants. and handle the rent collection process which can be so overwhelming. Please click  property management  to request more information on renting out your property or management of your homeowners association.

*Current clients- If we manage your rental property or if you own property in one of the associations that we manage, you may qualify for a reduced listing commission rate if you list your property for sale with us!